Post Debate Snap Polls from CNN Show Little Changes for Palin

Here are some poll numbers CNN aired directly after the debate. Check out the last two.

Who did the best job In the debate?
Biden – 51%
Palin – 36%

Biden did better or worse than expected?
64% – better
14% – worse
20% – same

Palin did better or worse than expected?
84% – better
7% – worse
8% – same

Palin qualified to serve as President?

Before debate:
42% – yes
54% – no

After debate
46% – yes
53% – no

Despite the fact that a vast majority of watchers thought Palin did better than expected in the debate, just 4 percent came away with their minds changed about her qualifications for the presidency. That suggests that the environment is just so poisoned for Palin, or her lack of experience is so thorough and so well-known, that there is simply nothing she can do to convince people she belongs in the game.