Shocker! Nader Out (Plus Senate News)

Ralph Nader has withdrawn from the race. Writes the Free Press:

“The streets are going to be filled with revelry … both here and in Africa,” Nader predicted, followed by a 10-minute denunciation of most of the Democratic Party candidate’s policy and record.

Good times.

In Senate news, Democrat Kay Hagan will defeat Republican Libby Dole in North Carolina (Dem pickup), Democrat Jeanne Shaheen will defeat Republican John Sununu in New Hampshire (pickup), Democrat Mark Warner will defeat Republican Jim Gilmore in Virginia (pickup). Democrat Tom Udall will defeat Republican Steve Pearce in New Mexico (pickup). Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will retain his seat, defeating Democratic challenger Bruce Lunsford (no pickup).

All the safe seats are progressing as you would expect. Franken, Begich, Merkley, and the other Udall (other potential pickups) are still outstanding.