Christmas Carols Get 8-bit Makeover

mojo-8bitsofxmas.gifWhile most music genres race forward, absorbing new sonic technologies like a giant music-box Borg, the 8-bit phenomenon clings proudly to the past—specifically, the restrictive palette of classic computer and video game consoles. Even artists like Beck have seen the appeal of their buzzy, blippy tones; witness the 8-bit remix of “Hell Yes”, renamed “Ghettochip Malfunction”:

If you liked that, get ready for a very bleepy Christmas.

Via the UK Guardian comes notice of a new 8-bit album the whole family can enjoy: The 8bits of Christmas. The holiday-themed release features eight (natch) classic tunes performed by “chiptune maniacs” on various pieces of obsolete yet adored technology, like the Atari 2600 and the Commodore 64. Nullsleep’s jittery version of “Silent Night” is about as calming as a locust attack, but wanders off intriguingly into new melodies; Bit Shifter’s “Let It Snow” makes me want to play a video game where I fly a sleigh through some sort of snowman attack. Download mp3s of the tracks here, or listen below.