Clinton Foundation Releases Donors

The William J. Clinton Foundation, which funds or funded the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative, the Clinton Global Initiative, the Clinton Climate Initiative, the Clinton Economic Opportunity Initiative, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, and, importantly, the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas, has released all of its donors dating back to 1997. This move was necessitated by Hillary Clinton’s move to the State Department, and as the Clinton Foundation explains in its press release, is meant “to ensure that not even the appearance of a conflict of interest existed between the Clinton Foundation’s operations and Senator Clinton’s anticipated service as Secretary of State.”

We plan on digging in, to see if any shady characters have funded the Clintons’ (very noble) post-presidency activities as part of some kind of quid pro quo, but at the moment it seems like the rush of journalists with the same intentions has knocked the site on its rear end. You can check in on the contributor list after it gets back up here.