Note To Shelby Steele: Stop, Honey. Just Stop.

Poor Shelby Steele, writing the same book over and over again. The same utterly irrelevant and embarrassingly misguided book.

This time, he called it A Bound Man, but it’s still just his one-hit wonder with a new cover.

Catch him at The Corner on National Review Online, claiming that those who voted for Obama did so only because he’s black. Pushing his latest rewrite of the only useful book he’s ever published, he begins his bizarre tirade against voting for black people with:

Everywhere I went on my book tour, young people would come up. “We’re beyond your generation,” they would tell me. “We grew up differently than you did.” No, I tell them, you didn’t. You did not. You are now obsessed with race. Race is the only thing that’s driving your interest in Barack Obama. You couldn’t even tell me what his policies are. You’re never critical of him in any way. If you were free of race you would not judge him culturally. You would judge him politically. You just—you are consumed by race.

Otherwise we’d all have voted for McCain, who has no race, who obviously ran the better campaign, and all of whose supporters were well versed in his policies. We can sum up Steele’s analytical power simply by his latest book’s subtitle: Why We Are Excited by Obama and Why He Can’t Win.

Shelby? Stop, honey. Just stop.