Our Writers Are Even More Amazing Than We Thought: Nomi Prins’ Challenge to Readers

nomi_pic.jpgWhen we asked
readers to help save our D.C. investigative crew after some
major funders pulled out, one of our freelancers, Nomi Prins–a former
Goldman Sachs managing director turned ace finance reporter–offered to put up the $1,000 fee for her most recent story
as a challenge grant. Yes, just like on public radio: We won’t hold
the blog hostage for 20 minutes every hour to bludgeon you into
giving, but we sure don’t want to leave this money on the table.
Can you help? It’s incredibly easy, just follow this link. If you
give $45 or more, we throw in a subscription to the magazine. Please help Nomi help us out. And then go read
her story on the financial crisis. It will make you weep.

UPDATE: Now you can give via PayPal! Thanks to those of you who have already given, it means a ton. We’ll let you know whether we make the match.