Year’s Best Culture Interviews

From John Cusack banter to Joss Whedon podcasts, MoJo talked with some fascinating culture-makers this year. Below, six of our favorite culture interviews of 2008.

January/February 2008


Never Mind the Mullahs

Iranian exile Marjane Satrapi speaks out.

March/April 2008


Interview: Shepard Fairey

Five questions for the pop-art provocateur of Andre the Giant poster fame.

May/June 2008


Interrogating Errol Morris

The Oscar-winning filmmaker talks about turning his camera on Abu Ghraib for Standard Operating Procedure. Plus, the best political ads you never saw and why.

July/August 2008


The MoJo Interview: John Cusack

The former Lloyd Dobler banters with MoJo editor Clara Jeffery about his movie War, Inc., her inner 16-year-old, and what it’s like to still be Gen X’s favorite antihero heartthrob.

September/October 2008


The MoJo Interview: Bill Maher

Caustic comedian Bill Maher on his new movie Religulous, bargaining with God, and why Christianity is just as crazy as Scientology.

November/December 2008


The MoJo Interview: Joss Whedon

The geek god behind Dollhouse, Buffy, and Firefly talks about “womb envy” and why feminists are hot.