Iraqi Refugee Stories

You’ve likely heard about the 2 million Iraqi refugees living in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, the Gulf States, Iran, Turkey, and Yemen, but Iraqi Refugee Stories brings those statistics to life with videos of displaced people describing the circumstances that forced them out out of their homeland.

The site has a bunch of interesting information, includine an interactive map showing where the refugees live now.

Some of the most moving stories:

a young woman living in Damascus, plans to return to Iraq. In Syria,
she says, it’s hard to find money to rent an apartment and pay for
food. She says that if she is to die, at least she will be with family,
in her homeland.

16-year-old Sahar (not clear where she’s living) talks with chilling detachment about how her father was murdered on Christmas day.

an engineer, was working for the US Coalition Forces and KBR in Iraq,
but after receiving death threats, he and his family fled to Syria in
2005. He doesn’t expect to return to his homeland any time soon.