Military Health, Face Transplant Edition

Army Times, always a fascinating read, has a beguiling little item today on face transplants, a medical procedure well on its way to becoming military sci-fact. This quote’s from Col. Robert Vandre, project director at the Armed Forces Institute for Regenerative Medicine:

“You wouldn’t want like a black person to have a white person’s hands, that would look weird. You wouldn’t want really hairy hands on a
non-hairy person or vice versa. I guess you could wear long sleeves.
The face, if you just get the skin and muscles you won’t look like the
person who donated, but if you get the bones and the muscles and the
skin, essentially you’re going to look like the donor,” Vandre said.

Kudos for candor, but how many face and hand donors are they expecting to choose from, exactly?

Read the article, then read this one, then go here for a creepy robot video chaser.