Huckabee Polls Within 7 Points of Obama??

I know, I know, I shouldn’t even be posting about this. It’s worthless. It’s premature. It’s straight-up elections porn. But I can’t help it — look at Mike Huckabee!

A new national survey from Public Policy Polling (D), already looking forward to 2012, shows President Obama ahead of four potential Republican opponents.

Obama leads Newt Gingrich 52%-39%; he’s ahead of Mike Huckabee 49%-42%; he beats Sarah Palin 53%-41%; and he leads Mitt Romney 50%-39%.

Because Huckabee is someone who says reasonable, thoughtful things once in a while (unlike Gingrich and Palin, who sometimes seem like they are from a different planet), I’m happy to see that he’s got the healthiest public rep right now. Those same qualities, though, likely make him the most dangerous of the bunch, politically speaking.