The Gospel According to Twitter

What, you thought godless liberals were the only ones maniacally tweeting away?

Lord, no; Twitter‘s evangelical wing is just starting to flap. From online mega church Streaming Faith’s e-newsletter:

Pastors John Voelz and David McDonald of Westwinds Community Church decided to spend the past two weeks educating their congregation on how to use Twitter to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ on Sunday morning by allowing them to actually log on during service and send out “tweets”….Now more than ever before, we as believers have brand new opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ like never before when we leverage these sites appropriately…This is the church’s finest hour to build influence with those who we once considered to be outside of our reach.

Thus far, Streaming Faith’s tweets range from the usual church-flavored banality:

“be sure retweet this for us! it’s an exclusive! WATCH DAVE RAMSEY’S TOWN HALL FOR HOPE LIVE ONLINE TONIGHT HERE :”

To the charmingly strange:

“if you could give your faith (in God) a grade right now – what would it be (on a A to F scale)?”

Need a sin chaser after all that sugary God talk? Secret Tweet‘s got you covered.

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