The Opium War

Just how much of the Afghan economy depends on the world’s junkies?


Afghan Opium Production

Source: UN Office on Drugs and Crime(UNODC)

The Audacity of Dope

Afghan opium production at its peak, in 2007: 18 million pounds

Share of illicit global market: 93%

Share of Afghan GDP: 53%

Estimated export value: $4 billion

Share of population involved in opium trade: more than 12%

Gross farm income per acre of poppies: $2,105; per acre of wheat: $221

Acres of poppy fields eradicated in 2007: 47,046

Acres grown: 476,710

Acres of coca grown in Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia (total): 448,743

Share of Afghan opium grown in Helmand Province: 42%

Pounds seized in 2005 from offices of Helmand’s governor: 19,841

Source: UNODC; CRS