Sotomayor Video: Al Franken’s Perry Mason Joke

MoJo D.C. bureau Legal Affairs reporter Stephanie Mencimer is reporting live from inside the Sotomayor confirmation hearings this week. If you missed Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, check out the wrap-ups: Pride and Prejudice, Where Did Sotomayor’s Empathy Go?, and Sotomayor Slips Up. For the latest analysis, watch our video and live blog here, or follow Stephanie’s and David Corn’s coverage on Twitter.

Stephanie Mencimer: Wednesday, Sonia Sotomayor confessed that she was inspired to become a prosecutor by the TV show “Perry Mason.” It was the rare candid admission by the Supreme Court nominee, and naturally, at least one member of Congress pounced on it.

Watch the video below to see Sen. Al Franken’s probing questions.