Eco-News Roundup: Wednesday August 5

News from other sites and our blogs you may have missed.

Dems Hate Grandmas? Kevin Drum smacks down the right-wing rumor that Dems want to require seniors to receive end-of-life counseling every five years.

Skinny Mice: Scientists create full-grown mice from skin cells for the first time. [New Scientist]

Happy Birthday, Mr. President: Obama turns 48 today… or DOES he?

Rebates FAIL: A new study finds rebates for hybrid cars don’t work as intended. [LiveScience]

Kitchen Confidential: We’re cooking less than we used to. Why?

Comeback Kids: Could healthcare be the key to a GOP turn-around? James Ridgeway opines.

Chuck Norris: Could he, and the Birthers, actually be helping Obama?

Cash for Clunkers: Clunkers is stimulating economic growth, but not much for US companies.

Wrong Side of 40: Are women over 40 too old to act? Talent agency CAA says so.