Rachel Paulose at the SEC?

Out of the colorful cast of characters who brought you the US Attorneys scandal, one of the most memorable was Rachel Paulose, the young Bush loyalist installed as the head of the Minnesota federal prosecutor’s office in 2006. A pal of Monica Goodling, Paulose quickly attracted attention for her swearing-in ceremony, which some observers compared to a coronation. (Although, would you feel properly sworn-in without a color guard and a choir?) She then proceeded to alienate many of the experienced lawyers in her office by quoting Bible verses and ruthlessly dressing down underlings; three senior lawyers in the office resigned their managerial posts in protest. Paulose herself departed her job in 2007; later, a DOJ Office of Special Counsel investigation found that she’d improperly fired one of her subordinates after he complained that she often left classified homeland security reports lying around on her desk.

Now, Joe Palazzo at the very useful Main Justice has spotted that Paulose is still drawing a government salary. She was hired by the Securities and Exchange Commission in March, and works as a senior trial counsel in its Miami office. From what I can tell, out of the most controversial figures in the US attorneys imbroglio, Paulose is the only one who still works for the federal government. A ‘where are they now’ roundup below the jump:

Kyle Sampson: Lobbyist focusing on the FDA.

Harriet Miers: Lobbyist for Pakistan.

Bradley Schlozman: Listed as an attorney at the law firm of Hinkle Elkouri in Wichita, Kansas.

Alberto Gonzales: Will teach political science at Texas Tech, starting with a class this fall on “contemporary issues facing the executive branch.” (That is, unless a growing protest by Texas Tech professors spikes his job offer.)

Timothy Griffin: Quit public service forever in teary huff, returned to his first love, political consulting.

Monica Goodling: A consultant. Also got married after an old college sweetheart saw her testify before Congress and called to say hello. How’s that for a silver lining?