Eco-News Roundup: Monday, September 14

Happy Monday, everyone. Here’s the enviro, health, and science news for today:

Podcast, people! David Corn and Kevin Drum on healthcare, Obama’s speech, and Twitter’s quirks. Corn doesn’t really like to talk about the truthers, which makes his latest take on Van Jones and 9/11 conspiracies all the more interesting.

The Economics of Traffic: How much would you pay for a shorter commute?

Poland’s organic revolution: The newest Western trend to hit Eastern Europe isn’t a new fast-food chain—it’s organic food. [AFP]

Vaccine skeptics and swine flu: Experts say vaccines don’t cause autism, and young children who contract the H1N1 flu strain are at risk for serious complications. So why are some parents still refusing to give their kids flu shots? [L.A. Times]

U.S. of Euthanasia? Is Barack Obama’s health care plan nothing but an underhanded plot to bring European-style euthanasia to the United States? David Corn and James Pinkerton duke it out on