Eco-News Roundup: Thursday September 17

News on health, the environment, and climate you may have missed.

Killing Healthcare: You don’t need Republicans when Kent Conrad is around.

Lady Justice: Halliburton rape victim will get a day in court, not arbitration.

Bio-fails: The interest in wonder-weed jatropha as biofuel waning, research needed. [Nature]

Private Option: Rep. Tom Price says the public option would cheat private companies.

Peanut Gallery: Energy lobbyists are chuckling as senators try to weaken cap-and-trade.

Pushing Back: Sen. Reid says healthcare bill should come first, climate bill may be pushed to 2010.

Going Broke: Operation Rescue is in fiscal trouble, may shut down. [Feministing]

Price of H2O: What would you do if your water bill went from $13 to $185?

Bored of Baucus: Kevin Drum is getting sick of Baucus posts, but blogs about it briefly.