Eco-News Roundup: Tuesday, October 20

Here’s a sampling of stories from our other blogs you might have missed.

Baby, Meet Bathwater: On sacrificing healthcare reform for the public option.

Paying the Piper: Kevin Drum on the deals cut to get healthcare legislation passed.

Policing Pot: Obama admin says it will not arrest medical marijuana users, sellers, as long as they comply with state laws.

Bye Bye Benefits: Companies cut employee’s health plans for the recession, and beyond.

Moving the Earth: Is geoengineering a real solution to slowing climate change?

Chamber Secrets: Yet another group is breaking from the Chamber of Commerce over its vintage stance on climate.

Chamber’s Return: Chamber objects to MoJo investigation, vaguely insults us.

Obama’s Green Scheme: Federal workers start looking for real ways to be sustainable.

Pharma’s Win: PhRMA and insurance execs play good-cop, bad-cop with the White House.

Punk’d: Chamber of Commerce, WaPo, NYT, get punk’d by the Yes Men.

Yes, They Can: Yes Men pranksters say why they made a fake press release reversing Chamber of Commerce’s position on global warming.