Eco-News Roundup: Tuesday November 10

Conserving Power: Kevin Drum muses on why conservatives obsess about nukes.

Late Night: House finally passes healthcare bill, but with last-minute abortion amendment.

Fiscal Health: Abortion amendment is bad for women, costly for all of us.

Dems Sign Off: Sixty-four Democrats vote for healthcare bill, with Stupak amendment. [American Prospect]

Cap and Fade: Healthcare squabble may forever doom a Pelosi cap-and-trade push.

Overcompensating: GOP leaders say problem is we all have too much health insurance.

Too Slow: Obama slower than Bush on saving endangered species. [MongaBay]

Penn’s Pick: Senate confirms controversial mining head from Pennsylvania.

Green Divide: Majority of green groups support climate bill but a few still holding out.

Friend or Foe: Soldiers in Iraq say contractors exposed them to dangerous chemicals. [Nashville Post]

Water Win: California approves several water bills that might overhaul system.

GOPcare: Republican healthcare plan is cheaper because it leaves people out.

Bad Advice: Bonner and Associates gets fired by its ethical adviser for climate letter scam.