Eco-News Roundup: Friday December 18

News on health and the environment from our other blogs.

Kids Say the Darndest: Don’t believe 12-year-old rape victim, school administrators say.

Gay Days: Especially good week for gays and lesbian in politics.

Rationing Care: Arguments on why mammograms should, or shouldn’t, be reduced.

Camelot: On missing Ted Kennedy’s voice in the healthcare debate.

Sleazy Sewers: Why the Senate healthcare bill changed due to Hill sleaziness.

Light of Reason: No, sunspots don’t cause global warming, and here’s why.

Rabbit Hole: Killing the Senate healthcare bill is a bad idea, except to Howard Dean.

Temp to Tax Ratio: New idea for carbon tax: if global temps go up, so do taxes.

Cancer Scare: Too many CT scans can cause cancer, but it depends on which machine.