5 Creative Uses for: Eggs

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Happy new year! My first resolution for 2010: Clean my fridge. Which, after a holiday season full of goodies, is kind of an archaeological undertaking. I’m going to compost as much as possible, and when it’s not too gross, reuse things in other way. Eggshells are especially versatile. If you have eggs that have passed their expiration date, don’t chuck ’em. Try one of these ideas instead, courtesy of AltUse.com:

  1. Grow seedlings. Break eggs so that you have about two-thirds of the bottom part of the shell in tact. Rinse out. Poke a hole in the bottom with a pushpin. Fill each egg with some soil, and plant a few seeds in each egg. Place eggs back in the carton. Once the seeds are big enough to plant, put them into the ground, shells and all. The shells will act as fertilizer.
  1. Clean your disposal. Put an egg or two down your disposal—the sharp shells clean the blades.
  1. Fertilize plants. Crush five dry eggshells into a powder and add to soil before planting. Since eggs are made up mostly of calcium and magnesium, they’re great for plants. To make a liquid fertilizer, just keep your eggshells in a watering can. Add water, soak for several days, then use the water for your plants. Water from boiling eggs works, too.
  1.  Scrub pots and pans. Use crushed eggshells instead of steel wool. 
  1. Make better coffee. Add a few crushed eggshells to your coffee before brewing for a smoother taste. An old cowboy trick.