6 Things: Gay Marriage Trial Background

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Perry vs. Schwarzenegger continues into its second day here in San Francisco. A few articles for anyone interested in learning more about the case:

1.    Margaret Talbot for The New Yorker wonders if it’s too soon to petition the Supreme Court on gay marriage: “A Risky Proposal”

2.    Gabriel Arana for The American Prospect writes about the larger issue of “suspect classification”: “Gay on Trial”

3.    Bob Egelko writes about Judge Vaughn Walker for The San Francisco Chronicle

4.    Dan Levine at The Recorder profiles Yes on 8 attorney Charles Cooper

5.    No on 8 attorney Theodore Olson editorializes in Newsweek: “The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage”

6.    Linda Hirshman writes about the YouTube broadcast controversy for Salon

Polar opposites The Advocate and Protect Marriage are both live-tweeting the case.

Have you run across any other informative articles lately, MoJo readers? Feel free to post links in the comments field. Below, watch the Yes on 8 television ad that was discussed in yesterday’s hearings: