Catch the MoJo Media Blitz, on a TV Near You!

You’re in luck, MoJo fans. Get your quadruple dose of Mother Jones this week by catching our intrepid reporters on TV Thursday and Friday.

David Corn was on The Rachel Maddow Show Thursday night to discuss Republican hypocrisy in the response to the underwear bomber’s attempted terrorist attack.

Stephanie Mencimer was on MSNBC Live today at 3:30 pm EST, discussing the Birthers and the Secret Service investigation that went public yesterday.

Both David Corn and Kevin Drum will be on Bill Moyers’ Journal tonight (check your local listings). They’ll be discussing Wall Street’s close ties with Washington and other obstacles to financial reform. Be sure to set your Tivo, or check back for clips! And head to your newsstand or subscribe now to read our in-depth coverage of Wall Street’s accountability deficit.

And finally, catch David on Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight around 8:30 EST, talking about the new “voluntary” foreclosure trend and what ramifications these bad mortgage walk-outs may have on our financial, and political, institutions.