Eco-News Roundup: Friday January 15

Tweetastic: Journalists’ tweets show they don’t know all the answers, but soon will.

Healthy Disdain: GOPers vow to challenge constitutionality of the healthcare bill.

Fight or Flight: Why are insurance companies fighting health reform when it benefits them?

Medi-fare: Even groundbreaking reform won’t curb Medicare costs enough.

Survey Says: A new poll says Americans want healthcare, if they don’t have to pay for it.

Killer TV: Study says watching more than an hour of TV a day has health risks.

Cap Foes: Ag lobby is opposing just about any proposed emissions cuts.

Garden Woes: An editorial compares school gardens to sharecropping.

Sucker Punch: Insurers were funding attack ads while claiming to support reform.

EPA Fight: Chamber of Commerce mulls sueing the EPA over GHG regulation.

Helping Hand: Sen. Murkowski is getting help from Bush-era folks.

Not Done Yet: Ag lobby vows to fight even harder in face of EPA victory.