Eco-News Roundup: Friday January 22

Enough Already: Some are wishing both sides would just shut up and pass healthcare already.

I, Avatar: Kids these days spend nearly every waking moment on electronics.

Gassing Up: More senators, including Democrats, backing Murkowski’s anti-EPA bill.

iCry: Don’t know what your baby’s cries mean? There’s an app for that. [LiveScience]

Starting Over: Scott Brown’s imminent win is no reason to start from scratch on healthcare.

Bad Odds: Even Rep. Pelosi doesn’t think passing healthcare bill is likely anytime soon.

Little Tobacco: Tobacco plants evade caterpillars by switching to bird pollinators. [ScienceBlogs]

Plan B: If Murkowski’s anti-EPA GHG regulation bill passes, businesses plan to sue.

Chilly Reception: Enviro groups are running ads in Alaska about Murkowski’s fossil fuel buddies.

Fantasy World: A lobbyist is pushing coal use as “green” and a way to do the Lord’s work.

Water World: Californians may not like rain, but it’ll help their record drought. [PlanetArk]

Working Together: Republicans know the power of “no,” but do Democrats?

Now or Never: Dems can either try to push healthcare through now, or piecemeal later.

Nose for Oil: Shell’s new technology might be able to “sniff” out oil deposits. [Forbes]

One Man’s Trash: Garbage-pickers in Cairo are losing their livelihoods to modern equipment.