Eco-News Roundup: Thursday February 11

Enhancement or Insanity?: From boob jobs to sex pills, the lengths we’ll go for physical perfection.

Red Bull Gives You Crazy: Can the energy drink trigger pathological mood swings?

“I drank a bottle of shampoo!” : Outrageous excuses given by athletes accused of steroid use.

Snowboxalypse Now: Hey, GOP—Just because it snows, doesn’t mean there’s no climate change.

Do you know what “nutritious” means?: Kraft’s “wholesome and nutritious” lunches are chock-full of sugar and preservatives.

Salt Attack: The war on sodium.

Reading Tea Leaves: The latest health care reform poll reveals hope for the bill’s passage…and consequences if it doesn’t.

Health Care Poker: Is the bipartisan health care reform summit an Obama bluff?

The Economist’s Bizarre Claim: An unsupported assertion about health care reform.