Eco-News Roundup: Tuesday February 2

A Man, A Plan: A Congressman’s plan to save money through Medicare is just talk for now.

Fate of Fuel: Ethanol’s production speed makes it the only biofuel sensitive to oil prices.

Forecast: Cloudy: Even Kevin Drum isn’t sure when/if they’ll ‘pass the damn bill’.

Foregone Conclusion: Dems had a deal on healthcare. Then Brown got elected.

Simply Put: A solution to healthcare can sound simple, but the reality is complex.

Cell Dangers: Why cell phone conversations are more dangerous than in-person talks.

Aiming Low: This year, Obama isn’t putting a dollar value on cap-and-trade.

Great Expectations: Men are now getting affirmative action in higher education.

False Sails: US agrees to Copenhagen carbon caps, but only if Congress agrees. Oy.

Gallows Humor: Climate-related funnies in the State of the Union speech.

Bin Laden Goes Green: Bin Laden expresses concern about US’s climate stance.