Obama: Question Time with GOPers was “Fun”

At a Democratic fundraiser on Thursday night, Obama referred to last week’s Q&A with House GOPers:

We’ve got to change the tone of government and politics here in Washington and all across America. I’m not going to give up on that either. You know, the American people are right to be frustrated about a Washington where every day is Election Day — and the basic theory is, “If you lose I win.” Where we’re not measuring success by what we’re doing for the American people, but how we look in the latest Gallup. No wonder people are frustrated. That’s why I went to the House Republican caucus the other day.  We had a good discussion — (laughter) — about the challenges that are facing the American people, our ideas to solve them. That was good for the country. It’s good for our democracy.  I had fun.

Just not enough fun to commit to doing it again.

By the way, an informed source tells me that House GOP leader John Boehner is unlikely to say yes to the cross-partisan campaign for more Question Time without the White House agreeing first.  And you can read my response to QT skeptics here.

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