Vajazzling: The Next Female Craze?

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

And you thought Vagina Mints were bad.

The latest genital craze is Vajazzling, which is pretty much what you’d fear it is: Women getting a bikini wax and adding Swarovski crystals down there for $50 a pop.

Apparently, Jennifer Love Hewitt is into it. As is a blogger who shared TMI here.

Ok, to each their own. But one fears the whole thing plays into a troubling Heidistein mentality, in which women think fakeness=male bait. (According to an unofficial Gawker poll, it doesn’t.)

Not to mention it seems more than a little gratuitous. As our assistant editor Jen Phillips put it: “We’re in a recession with a jobless rate of 10% but somehow women are finding money to put crystals on their waxed mons pubis. Why? How? And why again?”