David Corn Live-Tweets the British Leaders Debate

For the first time in British history, the contenders for Prime Minister are holding debates in the style of US presidential debates. Today is the third and final face-off for Prime Minister Gordon Brown of the Labour Party, Conservative Party leader David Cameron and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg. The debates have riveted the British public—and have generated much interest in the United States. Not just because newcomer Clegg has surged on the basis of his performances, but also because it has been so darn interesting to see a British twist on an American tradition. With Brown on the ropes—partly because he was caught insulting a Labour voter by a microphone he didn’t realize was live—and Clegg seemingly on the rise, this last debate has stirred intense interest on both sides of the pond. The British election is May 6. As he did with the previous debate, David Corn is live-tweeting this one and is expecting a jolly good show. (You can follow him on Twitter here.)