Apple to Fiore: No App for You! cartoonist Mark Fiore just won a Pulitzer for his online animations, but he can’t get his own iPhone app. The Nieman Journalism Lab reports that Apple has rejected an app that Fiore developed, saying that it “ridicules public figures,” an apparent no-no in the iTunes app store, which only sells high-minded titles such as iFart, Atomic Fart, and Fart Piano. Not to mention the recently launched app from the reverent folks at The Onion, which I just installed on my iPhone of evil. Let’s see—its current lineup includes items that make fun of Oprah’s weight, call the Pope a Scrabble cheat, and portray Congress as a bunch of porn hounds. Hey, Mark, I think you should try to win this one on appeal.

Also: A gallery of Fiore’s greatest hits.