Eco-News Roundup: Friday May 14

News on health and the environment from our other blogs.

Bugs Bite: A unfortunate side-effect of climate change is bugs gone wild.

Pass Or Else: EPA warns if climate bill doesn’t pass, it’ll regulate GHGs itself.

Yes He Can: Kerry thinks climate bill will pass, and has some good reasons.

Dead Ducks: Wildlife casualties are a good predictor of oil spill coverage.

One Kid Too Many: Overpopulation is bad, but China’s one-child policy is worse.

JPM Gets F: JPMorgan gets an “F” for investing in mining companies.

White Only?: Continuing the craziness, Arizona bans ethnic studies courses.

Telling Signs: Were Kagan’s Clinton-era actions on abortion telling?

Selling Fear: Pharma literally makes up diseases and sees what sells.

Over the Hill: The Pill celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Speaking Out: A female prisoner is punished for reporting her rape by a prison guard.