Eco-News Roundup: Friday May 7

The week’s news on health and the environment from our other blogs.

Oil and Sympathy: Sympathy for BP increases the closer you get to the Gulf of Mexico.

Unexpected Drop: Carbon emissions for 2009 dropped 7%, ahead of schedule.

Lithium Lies: Conservative site says Obama will stop drilling for oil, go to lithium instead.

Abortion Draw Down: Oklahoma’s tough abortion laws are being blocked by state AG.

Wishy Washy: BP’s greenwashing campaign has been in full bloom for a while.

Round the World: International complaints on corporal punishment at US school.

Run Reid Run: Harry Reid is running healthcare ads for Nevada election.

Risky Business: Red states refuse to create insurance pools for high-risk patients.

Whitewashing: Mississippi congress man paints a different picture of the BP spill.