Groupon Rejects Creation Museum

Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Via the J-Walk blog, I learned that the deal-of-the-day website Groupon reportedly broke off negotiations with Kentucky’s Creation Museum, ultimately deciding the anti-evolution tourist attraction was “too controversial.” As Answers in Genesis’ Ken Ham tells it:

The Creation Museum had signed a contract to advertise to the Cincinnati area, offering our Individual Annual Pass and Family Annual Pass on for one day at 50 percent off.

On the week the advertisement was to appear, Groupon called to inform us that the marketing department of Groupon had decided that the Creation Museum was “too controversial,” and they canceled our contract.

This strikes me as odd. I probably wouldn’t choose a Creation Museum deal of the day, but what’s it to Groupon if some people do want to see it? Groupon offers deals at tanning salons, and by comparison, a museum seems pretty harmless. So what do you think, readers? Is Groupon right to refuse to promote creationism? Or should they stick to their business of bringing deals to anyone who wants them?