“We Are The World” (Tea Party Edition)

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Last month Mother Jones spoke with Lloyd Marcus, the black Tea Party musician who’s come to enjoy rock-star status at Tea Party rallies, thanks to hits like “Twenty Ten” and “We the People.” We had a nice conversation, but one thing I somehow neglected to ask him was whether he had any plans, in the near future, to put together a charity album modeled on 1980s pop ballads like “We Are the World” and “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” Now we have our answer:

In an event that’s one part “American Idol” audition and one part “We Are The World” recording session, conservative singer-songwriter Lloyd Marcus is planning to bring together the musical voices of Tea Partiers from across the country to sing the movement’s unofficial anthem, “Take Back America,” on a charity album to benefit the families of soldiers.

Marcus says he’s hoping to get big shots like SNL star Victoria Jackson and Time contributor Ted Nugent on board, which, if Nugent and Jackson’s recent appearances are any indication, should turn out swimmingly. But this is mostly about the little guys, like the mostly unknown artists we featured here back in March.

Anyway, because it’s Monday, here’s a clip of Michael Jackson and Tipper Gore singing “We Are the World” together on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Simpler times: