Why Was Alvin Greene Kicked Out of the Army?

The questions surrounding South Carolina’s mystery man continue to multiply. It turns out that Alvin Greene, the unlikeliest Senate candidate, was kicked out of the military before returning home last August. ABC World News reports:

He returned home last August when he was involuntarily forced out of the Army after a 13 year career because “things just weren’t working … it was hard to say.” He had served as an intelligence specialist in the Air Force and later as a unit supply specialist in the Army.

The reasons for Greene’s involuntary departure remain unclear. (Greene has stopped responding to calls and emailed requests for comment.) But some anonymous commenters on Mother Jones’ website claimed to have worked with Greene while he was in the Army, and they’ve provided their own explanations as to why. I’ve replied to the commenters and asked that they confirm their allegations by emailing me.

Update: Greene tells the Washington Post that he was involuntarily discharged from both the Army and Air Force but declines to elaborate: “I was honorably discharged from the Army, but it was involuntary…Things weren’t working. Same thing happened in the Air Force. . . . It’s a long story in both services.”