Live: Kate Sheppard and Grist’s David Roberts Dissect Obama’s BP Speech

Fresh from his fourth—and first overnight—trip to the Gulf, President Barack Obama will deliver his first ever Oval Office address to the nation tonight at 8pm EDT. The administration says Obama will unveil his plan to make BP compensate Gulf businesses and residents for their mounting, spill-related losses. But what else will the president say? Will he be bold and demand a price on carbon? Or will he stick with punishing BP and leave the larger energy-related issues to Congress. The suspense is killing us …

Watch the speech at 8 pm EDT. A crew of us will be right there with you, chatting away: our own Kate Sheppard, Grist’s David Roberts, Sierra Club Executive Director Mike Brune, and Josh Freed, Director of the Clean Energy Program.


This chat was produced by Grist as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.