Eco-News Roundup: Friday June 18

Handling Healthcare: Healthcare costs are projected to skyrocket, boosing national debt.

So Sorry: Rep. Joe Barton apologizes to BP. Then he takes it back. But he’s still kinda sorry.

Brain Waves: We love wine. But our brains love it more when they think it’s expensive.

Mad as Hell: Robert Gibbs is mad at Joe Barton for apologizing. Barton is sorry about that too.

Unique Solution: One lawmaker suggests people collect BP’s crude and sell it themselves.

At Sea: Speaking of Joe Barton, his fundraiser is on a boat… sailing the Gulf. Seriously.

How Much: Questions raised over how much responsability Obama has for the spill.

Speaking Softly: Here’s what Kevin Drum thought of Obama’s oil spill speech.

Wack-a-Mole: Dick Cheney pops out of retirement to criticize Obama’s oil spill response.

Half-Assed: New campaign ad targets Lindsay Graham for backing “half-assed energy bill.”

Gang Green: Advocacy group runs ads attacking GOP for voting against EPA’s regulatory authority.

Not Enough: Five more important questions Congress should ask BP.

Not Us: Oil company execs paint BP as an outlier, not the standard of industry safety.

Cost v. Safety: New documents show goverment investigators BP’s real priority: profits.

Big Ticket: Dems want BP to pony up $20 billion to cover damages.

Mole Tales: A BP clean-up worker talks about lack of respirators, delayed pay, and hookers.

Birds of a Feather: Oiled pelicans huddle together, waiting to be cleaned.