Eco-News Roundup: Friday June 25

Cough, Cough: Did the anti-vaccine activism help create a whooping cough outbreak?

Healthy Anniversary: On health reform’s anniversary there’s still lots of work to do.

View From Here: Healthcare has gotten a lot of media coverage, some of it confusing.

Coming Soon: A Democratic-led climate and energy bill is being debated.

Fast and Famine: In Niger, people are starving because they can’t afford food.

Spill to Thrill?: Is Obama’s new spill commission just a show?

One Man’s Poison: BP’s oily disaster may benefit “clean coal.”

Raw Hides: An Iranian cleric calls dogs “un-Islamic” as Baghdad euthanizes strays.

Twilight Zone: Wingnuts ask if the Bermuda Triangle or the Jews caused the oil spill.

Worst Case: New info puts BP’s worst case scenario at gushing 100,000 barrels a day.

Goon Squad: Local police are doing BP’s dirty work for them, like harassing activists.

Drill, Baby, Drill: Louisiana Tea Partiers want more drilling and they made signs that say so.