Eco-News Roundup: Friday June 4

BP spill news dominated this week, but there were some other highlights as well. Here’s news on the spill, the environment, and health from our other blogs.

Stonewall: BP’s press lockdown continues, denying access to MoJo and PBS, among others.

Number Cruncher: The New York Times challenges the veracity of the Dartmouth Atlas.

Little Thaw: Public opinion toward health care reform is warming, but slowly.

Face Off: David Corn and James Pinkerton discuss the BP spill.

Unspinnable: A PR expert says BP’s disaster is pretty much “unspinnable.”

Call and Response: Will FL Gov. Charlie Crist’s Senate hopes be sunk by his BP response?

Hollywood Cares: Obama meets with James Cameron about the spill, and other tidbits.

Color of Anti-Choice: Anti-abortion forces target black women with billboards.

Comeback Kid: Bobby Jindal’s stock is rising as he walks oily beaches and talks with residents.

Too Little: At a summit in Bonn, Germany, polluting nations aren’t doing enough to reduce carbon.

Family Guilt: Some juggle flying to see family with the resulting eco-guilt. What to do?

Borderline: An anti-immigration group says immigration is bad for the environment.

Gender Police: With bribery, corruption, and sexual assaults, gays are the least of the military’s problems.