“Mexicano Mask”: Racist Gringos Fire Back

Courtesy of I Hate the Media

Well, huh. It appears the culture war over immigration has spawned a new journalistic beat: The culture war over race-based masks.

Regular MoJo readers will recall the controversy that broke out last month over Florida-based Zubi Advertising‘s “Gringo Mask,” which was intended as a playful, not-for-profit show of solidarity with brown people who are likely to be targeted for arrest under Arizona’s “Papers, Please” law, SB 1070. Zubi backpedaled on the promotion when it was inundated with angry calls from gringos; apparently, anti-immigration forces feared the racial underclass was getting too, um, uppity.

But Zubi’s comeuppance wasn’t denouement enough for some self-styled conservatives, like the dudes who run a website called “I Hate the Media” (and if they think they’re getting gratuitous link love, they’re dreaming). They took time out from their busy schedule of breast-beating over “Sestakgate” just long enough to Photoshop themselves a “Mexicano Mask.” And if you thought the Gringo Mask was offensive, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Here, in their own words:

Last week a Florida advertising agency created Gringo Masks designed to help illegal aliens pass as legal American residents.

Now IHateTheMedia.com has created Mexicano Masks™ designed to help legal American residents leach off the welfare system, overwhelm our public schools, overrun emergency rooms, crowd our criminal justice system, swamp our jails, and work without paying taxes. After all, who wants to look like an oppressive, racist gringo when there are so many reasons not to?…

“The spirit in which we conceived Mexicano Masks™,” the spokesperson continued, “is definitely to offend people. The time for dialogue is long gone.”…

NOTE: Neither rubber band nor green card is included.

Well, they’re clearly right about one thing: It’s hard to start a dialogue with someone who thinks brown people sit at home thinking up new ways to “swamp our jails.” That’s more the M.O. of Arizona legislators.

Also, guys, it’s “leech,” not “leach.” You must have been overwhelmed by immigrants during the English lessons in your public schools, eh?