Newt’s Dumb Headlines Are Dumb

Flickr/<a href="">iowapolitics</a> (<a href="">Creative Commons</a>).

Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House, is promoting a new book in which he basically argues that Barack Obama is destroying America. You know, the usual. But in the full-court press to promote To Save America (yes, that’s really what the book is called), Newt has been getting increasingly hilarious. I loved the headline on his column on the right-wing website Human Events today:

The Democrats’ Job Killing Policies Kill Jobs

Okay then! Color me convinced. (No matter that we’ve gone from losing 750,000 jobs a month to gaining jobs in the 16 months since President Obama took office.) You’ll never guess which the non-job killing alternative Newt supports. Actually, you can probably guess. It’s cutting taxes!:

Reducing the payroll tax by half for 2010 to provide immediate liquidity for companies and employees;

Eliminating the capital gains tax to encourage investment in new companies;

Reducing the corporate tax rate to 12.5%, to make us competitive globally;

Permanently eliminating the death tax so small businesses and family farms can continue creating jobs for future generations;

Providing immediate business expensing so American workers have the best equipment and are the most productive.

Everything there disproportionately benefits big business and/or rich people. The exception, the payroll tax cut, is only for the rest of the year. It’s good to see the GOP bringing new ideas to the table.