Scott Brown Gets the Oily Bird Award

In honor of his vote last week to bar the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating planet-warming gases, activists from the environmental group 1Sky delivered Scott Brown (R-Mass.) an “Oily Bird Award” yesterday—a fake, oil-coated pelican. Actually, it was a flamingo covered in brown stuff, but you get the idea.

Brown probably deserved two oily bird awards this week, since on Wednesday he basically thumbed his nose at the idea of a price on carbon after getting called in for a special meeting at the White House. It’s not every senator who gets a one-on-one session with the president, but Brown has been one of the few Republicans to vote with Democrats on key issues of late.

Emerging from the meeting, Brown told reporters, “I basically told him I’m not in favor of, nor could I support, a national energy tax or cap-and-trade proposal … But I am very excited about working with him in a bipartisan manner to come up with a comprehensive energy plan to address a whole host of issues.”

Here’s 1Sky presenting the Oily Bird Award to a Brown staffer:

(Photo courtsey of 1Sky.)