Eco-News Roundup: Friday July 16

News on health and the environment from our other blogs.

Spill Ill Will: Americans don’t like the BP oil spill, but are A-OK with drilling.

Operator Error: Bad drivers are the #1 thing making Toyota cars dangerous to your health.

Kids Are Covered: Some say kids are why they don’t want Obama to cover contraceptives.

Dirty Hands: Hospitals are still killing patients by giving them catheter-borne infections.

Judge’s Outrage: Clarence Thomas’s epileptic, depressed nephew was Tased, bringing attention to treatment of mentally ill.

Libyan Lies: BP is being pushed to stop drilling in Libya after allegations of backdoor deals.

Strange Bedfellows: Allegations surface linking a BP drilling deal in Libya to the Pan Am 103 bombing.

Over the Hill: Sharron Angle suggests a 77-year-old senator had “outlived his usefulness.”

Blocking the Pill: Religious groups are trying to make sure Obama doesn’t mandate contraceptives coverage.

Fetus Fib: Florida gov hopeful got a few details wrong in his pro-life campaign story.

Cheapskate: BP is shorting the paychecks of local workers, as many as 4,000 of them.