Is Palin Tough Enough?

Sarah Palin attacked journalists yesterday as “sick puppies” for talking about her on a private email list when she was picked as veep candidate. But in that attack, she made a startling admission, as David Corn points out over at Politics Daily:

Palin “said the media became a key reason she decided not to finish out her term as governor.”

Consider that for a moment. Eight months after the grueling 2008 campaign was over, Palin, by her own admission, was not tough enough to handle the media and had to quit her job as Alaska governor. After confessing that, how can she possibly present herself as presidential timber? If she allowed herself to be hounded out of office in Juneau by the big bad press, could she withstand the slings and arrows of the media while under pressure in the White House?

This part of her reaction to The Daily Caller article is a tell. Looking to scapegoat the media for her decision to quit — a decision widely described at the time on the left and right as bizarre — she displays her own weakness. Does a true commander in chief turn tail when “sick puppies” bark?

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