Pardon Our Dust: Fixing the Comments System

You said you’ve had it with spam and trolls; believe us, so have we. To (we hope) cut down on both, we’re switching to a new commenting system on, powered by Disqus. [Read more about Disqus here, or check it out on The Atlantic and Alternet.] Don’t worry, you won’t have to create a new Mother Jones login. You’ll even be able to use your Twitter, Facebook, or OpenID login instead if you prefer.

Please note that we’ll be turning off article and blog comments for the weekend starting at 4pm Pacific on Friday while we get the new system up and running. If all goes well, commenting should work again by Monday morning. Thanks for your patience and please don’t be shy to give us feedback once the new system goes up; we’ll be posting a few times asking for comments and you can also email web-feedback at