And Now, Erick Erickson

Flickr/rodrigot | Creative Commons).

I would like to draw your attention to this post by Erick Erickson, the managing editor of RedState:

Convinced beyond reason and data that the American people find delicious the sandwich of socialism being force fed down their throats, the left does not understand what is happening in this country and what is coming.

In fact, the media does not understand what is happening either. Largely socializing with the same elites and liberals who are fomenting unrest in the country, the media is missing warning signs that revolutionary conduct amongst middle class conservative and independent voters is at hand.

Mind you, it is not revolution with bayonet, but revolution with ballot and advocacy. But it is building. It will come. And if left unsatiated by November’s elections, something worse will come.

There is a growing disconnect in this country between average Americans and the largely center-left political elite. That disconnect is what will destroy the Democrats in November and, should the Republicans offer no better, cause potentially cataclysmic change in the republic.

The whole thing is here, and leads into a discussion of the potential for a constitutional convention to consider one amendment (perhaps to ban gay marriage.) But I’m interested in the intro. Erickson’s careful to point out that he’s not talking about a “revolution with bayonet”—but isn’t that exactly what he’s referring to when he warns ominously that “something worse will come” and “cause potentially cataclysmic change in the republic”? Surely Erickson isn’t referring to a constitutional convention as “something worse”—he seems to be advocating for one. So what’s he talking about? 

Anyway, I’d love for Erickson to elaborate on all this.

Flickr/rodrigot | Creative Commons).