Our New Commenting System: More Fun, Less Ugg Spam

You said you’ve had it with spam and trolls; believe us, so have we. To (we hope) cut down on both, we’ve switched to a new commenting system on Motherjones.com, powered by Disqus. [Read more about Disqus here, or check it out on The Atlantic and Alternet.] Don’t worry, you don’t have to create a new Mother Jones login. But now you can also sign in with your Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, or OpenID login. (And if you haven’t started following us on Twitter or joined our awesome Facebook community, come by!) 

A few new features we think you’ll like:

Flag inappropriate comments: See spam? Trolls? Hate speech? Flag it for our moderators.

Sort comment view: You can now change the way you view comment threads for a given article if you like. Want to see only the comments other readers liked? Or only the most recent ones? No problem.

Improved spam filter: Uggs ads, begone (again, we hope).

Please let us know what you think in the, well, comments; you can also email web-feedback at motherjones.com.