Angle Mocks Health Coverage For “Autism”

Nevada conservative Sharron Angle, the challenger to Harry Reid’s seat in the US Senate, just can’t stop. That is, can’t stop making controversial, wincingly bad statements like:

  • telling young rape victims who become pregnant to make “a lemon situation into lemonade”;
  • calling out of work Americans receiving unemployment insurance “spoiled”;
  • and saying both that angry citizens are eyeing “those Second Amendment remedies” to fix Congress and that “the first thing we need to do [to turn the country around] is take Harry Reid out.”

Ouch. Oh, and then Angle flatly denied those last two statements in a recent interview with ABC’s Jon Karl.

Well, here’s the installment in what-crazy-thing-did-Sharron-Angle-say-today—and she might’ve outdone herself this time. In a new video, captured by a Democratic “tracker” at a tea party rally earlier this year, Angle panned a new Nevada mandate that insurance companies cover autism treatment. When she said the word “autism,” Angle also made two air quotes with her hands—a dubious move itself.

But I’ll let you judge for yourself; here’s the video: