This Week’s Dear Anna: Better Facebook Commenting?

Wikimedia Commons

Is there a gentle way to nudge your Facebook friends toward leaving more thoughtful comments? Find out in this week’s Dear @nna over at SF Weekly. Excerpt:

“Reading the comments in my own feed makes me give up on humanity a little each day. (Ed. note: I don’t exclude myself from being obnoxious. I’ve been banned from people’s pages, for “unnecessarily abusing quotation marks” and “hitting on people’s moms.” Like I’m the one who named it “poking!”) This is the trouble with our ever expanding online networks, which often include hundreds of people, some we haven’t seen in years, but remember fondly as that guy we got wasted with and started several small electrical fires. The point is, we can’t all be as witty as you all the time, Snob.”

Read my proposed solutions here.